About The Author

Phylisa Dever grew up in small part of Florida called Lake County. In 1989 she moved to Orlando Florida her senior year of high school. After graduating High School, she pursued her career in the United States Army. After serving her time in the military, she resided in Virginia with her four children where she later became homeless. Being a single mother and homeless caused her to bear hard times in life. Eleven years had passed and she then accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. As she began her Christian walk, she began to see life changing experiences. For the first nine months after her accepting Jesus Christ into her life, Phylisa was very strategic in her prayers. She saw all her prayers being answered. Everything she prayed for it came to pass and life was looking up for her. Phylisa then met a guy who is now her loving husband of 21 years. As time went on, she became a Woman of God, a wife, mother, grandmother, and an entrepreneur. Phylisa and her husband then started a few businesses. One that is fifteen years old and the other is fairly new. Enduring great trials in life, Phylisa’s experiences in has helped shape and mold her into the woman she is today. She attributes her success of her life to her reliance on the word of God and being led by the spirit of God. She is a firm believer that God has the final authority. Her passion is to empower and teach others not to make the same mistakes she has made.