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I really want to see people’s lives changed just like my life has changed. So I’m starting to write books to help people just like I have had mentors. I want to reach a lot of people and books can help me to achieve reaching the crowds.


Helping People

My purpose is to inform and share with you things that have changed my life, which encourages action and lifestyle changes. Having lived through some life changing experiences spanning across two decades. My desire is that my readers will also learn these life changing experiences. I have written this book from the bottom of my heart. The knowledge and principles I have learned and want my readers to learn. I’ve learned valuable lessons which in the end has turned out to be a blessing. This book is a real life experience that I went through.


Speaking People

I want to inspire people to change for the good. So I accomplish this with giving them real life information which when applied can cause real life transformation. I have applied these same actions to my life and my life is totally different. It has changed by leaps and bounds. If you’re are interested in me speaking at any events please fill out a form or send me a email and we will get together.

Why Choose Us

I have real life experience and want to see others experience the good change that I have experienced. I’m the type of person that doesn’t want a person with no experience telling me what to do. I have the experience and the knowledge to back up what I am saying. I an a entrepreneur that has been in business for over 15 years with multiple businesses.

Enduring great trials in life

Phylisa then met a guy who is now her loving husband of 21 years. As time went on, she became a Woman of God, a wife, mother, grandmother, and an entrepreneur. Phylisa and her husband then started a few businesses. One that is fifteen years old and the other is fairly new.
Enduring great trials in life, Phylisa’s experiences in has helped shape and mold her into the woman she is today. She attributes her success of her life to her reliance on the word of God and being led by the spirit of God. She is a firm believer that God has the final authority. Her passion is to empower and teach others not to make the same mistakes she has made.